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Deliverables from the URGENCHE project.


D1.1 Report on Baseline-2007 & BAU-2020 workshop

Urgenche WP1 Deliverable 1.1 (.pdf)

D1.2 Report on Supply-2020 & Demand-2020 workshop

Urgenche WP1 Deliverable 1.2 (.pdf)

D1.3 Report on Optimised-2020 assessment workshop

Urgenche WP1 Deliverable 1.3 (.pdf)

D1.4 Peer-reviewed paper on the major findings of the project

Urgenche WP1 Deliverable 1.4 (.pdf)

D2.1 Prototype of the urban balance analysis and of the population intake assessment tools

Urgenche WP2 Deliverable 2.1 (.pdf)

D2.2 Urban Balance Analysis Tool

Urgenche WP2 Deliverable 2.2 (.pdf)

D2.3 Peer-reviewed paper on the Energy Balance Tool in the project

Urgenche WP2 Deliverable 2.3

D3.1 Collation of urban spatial data for GIS database

Urgenche WP2 Deliverable 3.1 (.pdf)

D3.2 Prototype GIS system and model for City WPs

Urgenche WP2 Deliverable 3.2 (.pdf)

D3.3 Peer-reviewed paper on utility of the GIS Analysis Tool in the project

Urgenche WP3 Deliverable 3.3

D4.1 Report: IEQ for health impact assessment and building-related wellbeing output requirements

Urgenche WP4 Deliverable 4.1 (.pdf)

D4.2 Peer-reviewed paper on application of Urban Buildings Assessment in different cities

Urgenche WP4 Deliverable 4.2

D5.1 GIS-Traffic methodology

Urgenche WP5 Deliverable 5.1 (.pdf)

D5.2 Peer-reviewed paper on GIS-Traffic

Urgenche WP5 Deliverable 5.2 (.pdf)

D6.1 Definition of the elements to be included in the study

Urgenche WP6 Deliverable 6.1 (.pdf)

D6.2 Methodology for assessment of the elements to be included in the study

Urgenche WP6 Deliverable 6.2 (.pdf)

Urgenche WP6 Deliverable 6.2 Exposure Response Functions (.xlsx)

D6.3 Peer-reviewed papers on Health and Wellbeing

Urgenche WP6 Deliverable 6.3

D14.1 Project web workspace created

Urgenche WP14 Deliverable 14.1 (.pdf)

D14.2 Final plan for use and dissemination

Urgenche WP14 Deliverable 14.2

D14.3 Report on awareness and wider societal implications

Urgenche WP14 Deliverable 14.3

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 265114.